09/29/2011 Leocadio Reyes Sarante ( Dominican Republic )

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09/29/2011 Leocadio Reyes Sarante ( Dominican Republic )

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Shark bites Fisherman in Dominican Republic

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,

29. September 2011

A provoked shark bite incident happened in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday September 28.

According to ‘Hoy Digital’, Leocadio Reyes Sarante (Bochán) was bitten by a shark that he had just caught.

The incident occurred at Playa Jackson in Samaná Province.

The 48 years old fisherman suffered severe injuries to his left arm and he is now in hospital at Las Terrenas.

Photos of the incident at http://sharkyear.com/2011/shark-bites-f ... ublic.html
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