09/16/2011 Daniel Jorgensen ( Florida )

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09/16/2011 Daniel Jorgensen ( Florida )

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Man Attacked By Shark In New Smyrna Beach

Man Bitten By Shark In New Smyrna Beach
VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — A surfer at New Smyrna Beach suffered one of the worst shark bites on Friday that beach patrol said it has ever seen.

Eyewitnesses said it wasn’t a typical puncture wound. His arm was shredded by the shark.

Daniel Jorgensen, 25, was rushed to the emergency room with serious injuries, but was in stable condition, investigators said.

“Ten to 20 feet from the guy, we hear screaming, water splashing everywhere,” said witness Milan Davich.

“Guy had his arm up, saw a big shark fin come out and his arm was just mangled, dripping blood,” said witness Richard Nelson.

Nelson said he had seen Jorgensen, of Winter Park, paddling in to shore just before the attack.

Jorgensen told other surfers that the shark came out of the water and shredded his arm.

“Couldn’t paddle in, his arm was so bad, just screaming. A couple of guys got him in,” Nelson said.

Jorgensen refused an ambulance, but his friends rushed him to the emergency room at Bert Fish Memorial Hospital.

Beach patrol believes it was a 4-6 foot shark, but said they are not sure what kind.

Eyewitnesses said it wasn’t a typical spinner or black tip shark that is known to nip at surfers. They believe it was a bull shark, and one commercial fisherman estimated that it weighed as much as 300 pounds.

Surfers said they’ve never seen anything like it.

“Nothing to that extreme, never heard of an attack like that,” said Davich.

Witnesses said Jorgensen was able to talk about the attack after he got out of the water and he seemed like he was almost in shock.

http://sharkyear.com/2011/man-attacked- ... beach.html
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