08/07/2010 Josh Clement ( North Carolina )

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08/07/2010 Josh Clement ( North Carolina )

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Wilmington surfer: "I kicked a shark. That's when he bit me"
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Source: Josh Clement
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Source: Josh Clement

FIGURE EIGHT ISLAND, NC (WECT) - A man from Wilmington was surfing Saturday afternoon, when he got a little to close to a shark.

Josh Clement tells WECT.com that he caught a wave Saturday afternoon and then caught the shark. He was getting back on to his board, when he accidentally kicked the shark. The shark put two holes in his left and a deep gash in his ankle.

Clement went to the hospital to get stitches.

Clement says he's still pretty sore today. Otherwise, he's going to be okay.

If you or a loved one was involved in a negative sharky encounter please contact us!!!
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How would you deal with being severely injured by an animal that may have wanted to consume you or just parts of you? A shark attack can be a mindboggling event in a person's life. We know we have been there!
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