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07/16/2010 Male ( Spain )

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:08 pm
by alb
Attacking a child of nine years in the waters of North Sardina Gran Canary, Canary Islands / Spain.---

Attacking a child of nine years in the waters of North Sardina
Written by Jofre Naranjo
Wednesday, July 21, 2010 19:19

A nine year old boy was attacked on Friday by a fish of unknown species, while bathing at the edge of the beach in Sardina del Norte. (Gaidar) He underwent surgery and received 16 points in the left foot. Although it has affected tendon, the bite did not touch or vessels or arteries. It is a little scared, but okay.

On Friday, at approximately 1915 hours, bathed on the beach in Sardina del Norte with a friend. He was on the shore when he noticed a fish bit her left foot. As he explained his mother, LRT, the child remembers "something green and with many teeth." Very frightened out of the water and warned of what happened

His mother wrapped the wound with a towel and put the foot up. He called an ambulance, as she herself was not long in coming, but those ten minutes he did "eternal." At the University Hospital Materno Infantil de Gran Canaria emergency was treated and operated since suffering a tear in his foot. The major concern of doctors, he told LRT is that the wound is not infected. Although you may need rehabilitation, the priority now is that there are no postoperative complications. ... 50-noticia

Re: 07/16/2010 Male ( Spain )

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:35 pm
by alb
A 9 year old boy attacked by a fish Sardina

Troops 112 and an ambulance had to travel on the evening of Friday, about 19 hours, to the beach in Sardina, after a child under 9 years is attacked by an angel.
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These animals , family and shark swim very stuck on the sand, is popular at sunset to the shore in search of food or mate. Divers in the area argue that during this time of day is very common to see very close to the shore in the bay of Sardina, but it is unusual to attack people without first being attacked.

On this occasion, one was too close and one of the children playing on the bank inadvertently stepped on, so that the animal acted violently, biting the child ATANCE left foot, leaving him injured on the ground and the side.

The users of the beach and the boy's mother alerted the emergency services were moved to the area after a quarter hour. Neighbors complain that these are not members of the Red Cross or Civil Protection in midsummer.

Other years when the City signed agreements with Red Cross and Civil Protection, this time galdenses beaches suffer a total abandonment and monitoring is zero.

In addition to angels, also the spiders begin to make a killing with the increasing influx of visitors, giving and several cases in Sardina. ... n-sardina/