05/03/2010 Michel Touzet ( Reunion )

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05/03/2010 Michel Touzet ( Reunion )

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This incident comes to us from Michel Touzet from Reunion the person involved in this shark incident.

I'm 59 yrs old, a rather experienced diver, grade 3 CMAS, and a physician living in Reunion Island.

It happened near the Island of Nosy Be, NW Madagascar, on 03 May 2010.

We were 8 divers underwater, on a new spot where we very seldom dive, about
11 NM W of Ambatolaoka (use Google Earth).

Diving conditions were good, time 9:30, water temperature 29°C, rather good visibility, no current, few fish and no fishermen boats.

The sea bottom was approx 70 m, a soft coral drop off.

10 meters from me, my buddy was taking pictures.

We 'd been underwater for 10 mn , at a depth of 45 m when the attack occurred.

The shark probably came from the bottom, I saw it only a fraction of second, its big mouth wide open, before it hit me.

I heard a big noise, waoomm, on the impact.

I felt dizzy for a few seconds, since it hit my head and chest.

I had to use my octopus to breathe since my regulator was torn off, the mouth piece broken, and my mask skirt punctured.

I went to my buddy who assisted me for the ascent following the usual procedure, with a ( long ! ) 2 mn deco stop;

During the ascent I made a compression on my left forearm to lessen the bleeding.

None of the other divers saw the shark ; except for my buddy Philippe, they were approximately 30 m away.

It was a "hit and run" since the shark did not come back, thank god .

The wound of the arm was oddly almost painless.

A deep cut in my left forearm muscle and one on my chest were sutured under local anesthesia with lidocain in a small Malagasy clinic in Hell-Ville.

Luckily I had no sinew, no nerve damages, and no ribs broken.

Since the accident I could dive again in Reunion without problem, but haven't met any other sharks yet...

Before that I had very few experiences with sharks, I had met a few withetips , grey sharks or whale sharks.

The attack was so sudden that I didn't have not have time to do something, not even to be afraid.

I wonder what advice I could give to anyone after that !

It's true that I still love those splendid animals, and look forward to meet them again, in a more peaceful way.

After talking to fellow divers, it may have been a tiger shark who tasted me, but no one can be sure.

Michel Touzet

All the information and pictures are the property of Michel Touzet!

We thank Michel for sharing his experience with us.

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