01/09/2010 Reenie Morrissey ( Australia )

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01/09/2010 Reenie Morrissey ( Australia )

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The incident occurred off Thursday Island ( Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, Australia ).
Reenie Morrissey ( 9 ) was snorkelling with friends in about three metres of water when the shark bit her twice
on the right knee ( minor injuries ).
- shark species presumably involved: Whitetip reef shark, (Triaenodon obesus), 1 metre long.

Reef shark bites Townsville girl, 9.

GRUMPY fish . . . Reenie Morrissey, 9, laughs off her encounter with a White Tip Reef Shark.

January 10, 2010 12:59pm

A NINE-year-old Townsville girl was bitten by a white tip reef shark while snorkelling on a reef off Thursday Island in far north Queensland yesterday.

Reenie Morrissey was snorkelling with friends in about three metres of water when the "grumpy" 1m shark bit her twice on the knee, her mother Michelle Murphy said.

Reenie was given first aid at the scene for the wounds.

"The shark was a bit grumpy and had a go at the kids. The shark had two chomps at her. Luckily it bit her knee otherwise it would have hung on a bit longer, " Ms Murphy said.

"Reenie went pale and into a bit of shock, but later she was laughing about it. Now she's got a good holiday story to tell her school buddies.

"We've snorkelled in that area 100 times and nobody has been bitten before."

http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/stor ... 02,00.html

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