01/06/2010 Male ( South Africa ) No Injury

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01/06/2010 Male ( South Africa ) No Injury

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A surfer claimed he was knocked off his board by a shark.
The incident happened at East London's Nahoon Beach.

Shark flag hoisted at Nahoon Beach

TAKING NO CHANCES: Nahoon Beach lifeguard James Mills puts up a shark warning flag where a surfer claimed to be have been bumped off his board by a great white shark yesterday morning. Picture: NIGEL LOUW

LIFEGUARDS at East London’s Nahoon Beach had to hoist the shark warning flag yesterday after a surfer claimed he was knocked off his surfboard by a shark.

Buffalo City Municipality’s amenities programmes manager Keshav Panday said the surfer had been paddling out when he was bumped by what could have been a great white shark.

The surfer, who was alone in the water at the time, warned lifeguards and others on the beach of the possible danger.

The flag was immediately hoisted to alert everyone.

“We can confirm that a great white shark was spotted in Nahoon Beach by a surfer. The two bumped into each other but nothing happened to the surfer,” said Panday.

“We quickly erected those flags just to warn people that they must be extra careful in that area as the shark might be still around,” said Panday.

The surfer who claimed to have had an encounter with the great white could not be reached yesterday. - By BONGANI FUZILE


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