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04/03/2009 Jack May ( Florida )

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:30 pm
by sharkbait
15-year-old boy in Sanibel victim of possible shark bite

Originally published 05:52 p.m., April 3, 2009
Updated 05:52 p.m., April 3, 2009

A 15-year-old boy was taken to a hospital Friday afternoon after a possible shark bite on Sanibel Island, police said.

The boy was in the water, near the Dosinia Condominiums at 3339 West Gulf Drive, when he was bitten on the top of his foot at about 4:11 p.m., said Sanibel Police Sgt. Anthony Thompson.

He said the boy's injury was about three-inches long.

"He was wading in the water, about thigh high, up to his knees," Thompson said. "It's a possible shark bite. We haven't confirmed it. There were no witnesses."

The boy, a tourist who was visiting a family in the area, was taken by ambulance to a hospital with his parents, Thompson said, adding that he could not say where the boy was from or what hospital he was taken to because the boy is a juvenile.

Sharks do populate the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of Florida, but fatal shark attacks are rare. Thompson said the last bite off Sanibel Island was about five years ago, but it was minor. ... hark-bite/

Re: 04/03/2009 Jack May ( Florida )

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:02 am
by sharkbait
Teen Bit By Shark While Vacationing In Florida
Victim Said To Be Doing Well

POSTED: 5:54 am MDT April 4, 2009
UPDATED: 7:00 am MDT April 4, 2009

DENVER -- A 15-year-old boy was bit by a shark while vacationing with his family in Sanibel Island, Fla., local news reported Saturday.

Jack May, from Denver, was in thigh-high water when a shark bit him on one of his feet, reported WZVN. He was able to limp back to shore where his mom wrapped his foot in bandages.

May's brothers told the station that he was laughing about the bite, which required 28 stitches.

The station reported that sharks are regularly found along the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, but attacks on humans are rare. ... etail.html#

Re: 04/03/2009 Jack May ( Florida )

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:14 pm
by sharkbait
DENVER -- A Colorado teen is home Sunday after a family vacation to remember in Florida.

Fifteen-year-old Jack May was bitten by a shark while wading in Sanibel Island's thigh-high surf. May says a shark swam up and bit him on the foot, tearing his water sock and ripping his flesh.

"I couldn't even tell the shark was coming or anything," May said. "I couldn't even see it."

May's brother, Tayler, says his brother was laughing about the bite, which required 28 stitches.
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May arrived in Denver Saturday with his foot wrapped and hobbling on crutches. He says he has no plans to go near water any time soon.

"I definitely won't forget this," he said. "They said it would leave a big scar in my foot. I won't forget this." ... id=6746234