00/00/2008 4 unconfirmed ( South Africa ) ***Fatal 4 ***

Worldwide Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents in 2008.
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00/00/2008 4 unconfirmed ( South Africa ) ***Fatal 4 ***

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Poachers become the poached in shark infested waters

Tuesday, 13/01/2009

Sharks may be threatening the safety of Australian swimmers with three attacks since Sunday, but in South Africa it is the most desperate people who are getting munched by great whites.

At Gansbaai, west of Capetown, unemployed people dive into shark infested waters to poach seafood.

Abalone farmer, Stephen Ashlin, says four poachers have been taken in the last 12 months

"If you're hungry, you got no food on the table, you're going to go find it somewhere," he says.

"A lot of guys turn to poaching and they swim out to Dyer Island which is about a 1.2 kilometre swim out. It's the great white shark capital of the world. So now and again one or two of them are bound to get mistaken for a seal."

http://www.abc.net.au/rural/news/conten ... 464667.htm

Although the incidents can't be confirmed with this info, but it is safe to assume 4 people have disappeared, being the area has a large White shark population and the activity is one that is known to attract White sharks. In addition swimming 1.2 kilometers carrying catch through a large shark populated area makes these incidents very possible/probable.

You decide for yourself.


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