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Re: 11/25/2008 Nestor Sumocol ( Philippines )

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:23 pm
by sharkbait
Survivors of sunken vessel recount ordeal
Updated December 03, 2008 12:00 AM

CEBU - Eight days after the cargo ship LCT Marc Jason sank near Calayan Island off the Luzon mainland, four survivors faced the media yesterday and recounted their ordeal in the open sea- all of them saying they were lucky enough to survive the cold winds, gigantic waves and sharks.

Apart from an empty stomach, crew members Dante Resuma, Larry Sacedon, Melvin Evangelista and Mark Rigonan only had a few bruises when they were rescued by passing vessels.

Resuman, 35, was the first to be rescued by MT Lotus Gas only two hours after the sinking.

Next to be rescued was Sacedon, 28, who stayed in the water for 15 hours before MT Shun Victory heeded their ship’s distress call. In fact, Sacedon was lucky enough to be spared by a shark that attacked his fellow crewmember who was just near him during the rescue. Three dolphins were reportedly circling him, which prevented the shark to go near.

And while the other crewmember eventually survived, he was not rescued the same time with Sacedon, as big waves took him away.

“Gi-ingnan ko sa mga crewmembers nga nag-rescue nako nga while ilaha kong gitabang, naay shark sa ako-ang duol pero maayo na lang gani naay tulo ka dolphins nga nag-alirong nako mao nang wala gyud nakaduol ang shark. Milagro gyud to,” Sacedon said.

Meanwhile, Evangelista, 23, and Rigonan, 22, stayed in the water for about 17 hours before they were spotted by MT Lotus Gas, the vessel that rescued Resuman.

“Gutom na gyud kaayo. Maayo na lang kay nakadala ko og usa ka putos nga biscuit ug gatas sa ako-ang backpack. Mao to amoang gikaon pero mao sad lagi parat ang among biscuit ug gatas,” Rigonan said.

There were 14 crewmembers and six drivers and operators of the heavy equipment on board the LCT Marc Jason when the incident happened.

Two crew members who were unfortunate enough to be bitten by sharks were rescued by another foreign vessel and are currently recuperating in Manila.

The other eight crew members and vessel’s captain are now in Japan after they were rescued by vessels that were heading to the country.

As of yesterday, four crewmembers remain missing, including the vessel’s chief engineer Manuel Batulan, 57, second engineer Lito Maquilan, 37, oiler Marlon Ramirez, 30, and apprentice Joseph Neri, 21.

Jaime Suarez, operations manager of Jomalia Shipping Corporation, said the area where the vessel sank has been likened to the Bermuda Triangle where ships just disappear without a trace. However, it was reportedly already too late when the ship crew realized this. – Mitchelle L. Palaubsanon/JMO (THE FREEMAN)

Re: 11/25/2008 Nestor Sumocol ( Philippines )

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:05 pm
by sharkbait
Coast Guard continues its search for 4 missing LCT crewmen

November 28, 2008 5:44 pm by pna

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union Nov. 28 - The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has continued its search and rescue operations for the remaining missing crewmen of the sunken Roro-type Landing Craft Transport (LCT) Mark Jayson 1 along the shoreline in the Batanes Group of Islands last Tuesday night.

Capt. Athelo Ybañes, PCG district commander based in La Union, said on Friday that two Islander airplanes and patrol vessels from his office and the Philippine Navy have already been sent on reconnaissance flight along the sea water of the Batanes Group of Islands in search of the missing crewmen.

In a related development, seven survivors of the sunken vessel LCT Mark Jason 1 were brought to Japan as the ship MV Umm Laqnab that rescued them was enroute to Japan.

Ybañez named the survivors brought to Japan as Tomas Hilario, captain of the sunken ship; crewmen Alejandro Sinangote, Reynan Dapiton, Rexie Rabaula and passengers BJ Geronimo, Jacky Gan and Marlon Falces.

"MV Umm Laqnab rescued the seven survivors while traveling near the area of the incident while it was going to Japan, bringing along with it the survivors," Ybañez said.

Four other survivors from the sunken vessel, all weak and had sustained shark bites, were brought by Manila-bound MV Ultra Ace to Poro Point in San Fernando City last Thursday morning for emergency treatment at Bethany Hospital.

They already checked out from the hospital Friday morning.

Ybañez identified the four survivors treated in La Union as Melvin Evangelista, Mark Rigonan, Nestor Sumokol, Sr. and Nestor Sumokol, Jr.

The other survivors who already went safely to their homes were Ryan Mejares, Dante Resona, Ryan Herminio, Larry Sasidon and Galeleo Jaug.

When the accident happened, Mark Jason 1 was carrying aggregates and construction materials while on its way to Batanes Islands in the northern Philippines when it encountered big waves. (PNA)

FFC/PTR/lvm/FGL/rma/utb ... t-crewmen/

11/25/2008 Nestor Sumocol ( Philippines )

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:04 pm
by sharkbait
Nestor Sumocol bitten by shark waiting to be rescued after ship sank of the Philippines*****

The reports about this incident list one, two, three, or possibly 4 people bitten by sharks. We are trying to figure out exactly how many and who they are, but it does appear in the article dated DEC, 3rd there were at least 3 people bitten. We will list 3 people for this incident.

(2nd Update) One dead, 16 rescued as cargo vessel sinks in Batanes [1]

Agence France-Presse | 11/26/2008 10:14 AM

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Sixteen crewmen were rescued off the coastal waters of Batanes nearly a day after strong waves sank their cargo ship, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said Wednesday.

Rescued by several responding ships were Mark Jason 1 crewmen Captain Tomas Hilario, Melvin Evangelista, Mark Rigonan, Nestor Sumocol, Sr., Nestor Sumocol Jr., Renan Dapitan, Rixie Rabaula, Alejandro Sinagguti, Ryan Geronimo, Jacky Gan, Mark John Paisis, Dante Resuma, Ryan Mijares, Jefrey Bartilad, Larry Sacedon and Galileo Jaug.

One of the survivors, Sumocol, was reportedly injured from a shark bite.

Rescue teams also recovered one dead body. Three other crew members remained missing as of posting time.

The Mark Jason 1 was en route to the northernmost island of Batanes when it capsized Wednesday morning, the PCG operations center in Manila reported.

The cargo ship was carrying aggregate and construction equipment for an airport project in Basco, Batanes when it was battered by strong waves near the Sabtang Island, Batanes Group of Islands.

The PCG has already coordinated with the Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and local government units for available assets to join the search and rescue operations.

The Coast Guard also launched its Islander 684 to conduct air surveillance and find the remaining crewmen.

as of 11/27/2008 12:28 AM ... 11-missing