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07/24/2008 Jake Martin ( North Carolina )

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:41 pm
by sharkbait
Nine year old Jake Martin attacked by 3 foot shark at Surf City on Topsail Island in North Carolina, USA

It's the last thing you want to see when you're swimming in the ocean, but a local boy didn't just see a shark -- he got bite by one!

Nine year old Jake Martin and his family were on vacation at Surf City on Topsail Island in North Carolina.

They were enjoying a day at the beach when Martin started screaming.

His dad reached in the water, and grabbed a brown shark off Martin's toes. David Martin, Father "I guess then the shark realized, it was going somewhere it didn't want to go, and then it was just gone.

It lets go of his toe, and takes off, and carried him on the shore where he was adamant about not going back in the water." Jake Martin, Bit By Shark -

"I'm still kind of freaked out by it, were going to the lake next year, hopefully we'll get a new house, no catfish will get a hold of me."

The family says the shark was at least three feet long. Martin says the bite was painful, but luckily he got away with just a few scratches.