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04/03/2008 Joey Giangrasso (Florida)

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:20 pm
by sharkbait
Shark bites surfer

Reported by: WPTV staff
Last Update: 3:28 pm

(WPTV Staff) A shark took a bite out of a surfer at New Smyrna Beach today.

18-year-old Joey Giangrasso was in waist-deep water near the south jetty when the shark approached.

This was the fourth reported shark attack in Volusia County this year and might be the most serious.

Doctors say the shark just missed a main artery and took a huge chunk out of the top and side of Giangrasso's foot.

He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach. He is sedated and might need surgery.

However, his mom says, even this close call won't keep her surfer son from the water.

All the shark bites this year in Volusia County have happened in the same area. ... c818435975

Re: 04/03/2008 Joey Giangrasso (Florida)

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:23 pm
by sharkbait
Shark bites New Smyrna Beach surfer

Denise-Marie Balona | Sentinel Staff Writer
1:36 PM EDT, April 3, 2008

A shark bit an 18-year-old man while surfing at New Smyrna Beach about an hour ago, but authorities said his injuries are minor.

Capt. Scott Petersohn of the Volusia County Beach Patrol said the man, a local resident, was surfing about 300 feet to 400 feet from the south jetty in New Smyrna when a shark bit his right foot and ankle.

He was bandaged at the scene and either drove himself or had a friend take him to nearby Bert Fish Memorial Hospital.

Petersohn said he'll need about a dozen stitches.

This makes the fourth reported shark bite in Volusia this year.

Officials don't know yet what kind of shark attacked the man, but said it was likely a young shark measuring about 2 feet to 4 feet long. The shark probably bit the man before realizing the man was bigger than it.

Petersohn said the fact that the water was murky may have contributed to the accident. ... 0460.story