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Archive Information

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Information contained on Shark Attack Survivors sites will differ from the information found on other Shark Attack Related sites.

The main reason for this is we are actual Shark Attack Survivors trying to help provide Resourses, Information, Assistance for Past, Present, and Future Shark Attack Survivors, their family members and the families of those bite victims that didn’t survive the incident.

We use the information we collect to contact other shark attack survivors, monitor trends to see how we can better our services for victims and their families.

We hope by sharing the information and survivors information with you it will help you better understand the species of shark, locations of shark incidents, the severity, the activity or your particular area of interest.

The posts you see on these pages are Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents and are not to be confused with the “Confirmed”, ”Un-Provoked” Shark Attacks you maybe use to hearing or reading about

Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents include “Confirmed”, ”Un-Provoked” Shark Attacks but also include incidents where spear fisherman have been bitten, divers on shark feeding dives, total consumption, there was no injury (People harassed), bites to boats, boats capsizing, sea disasters, murder, drowned and/or scavenged, etc.

Incidents listed as Fatal in the News Archive – (“Fatal” does not mean a shark caused the fatality. It only means there was a fatality (a person died) and shark was either confirmed to have caused the fatality, there is some evidence shark may have caused the fatality, shark is highly suspected to have caused the fatality, or shark was confirmed to have eaten human flesh). If you want to determine if the shark caused the fatality or the person involved was scavenged or disappeared you can research that information by reading the article and decide what is what for each incident yourself just like the shark researchers do.

The word "Attack" is a general term most often used with a shark related incident. It would be impossible to separate each incident to decide if it was a accident, attack, encounter, incident, bump, non-attack, provoked, and so on. If you want to research that type of info you can decide what is what for each incident yourself just like Shark Attack Researchers do.

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