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09/17/2007 Corey Howell (Solomon Islands)

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:58 am
by sharkbait
Shark attacks Australian diver

An Australian man has suffered "rugged" bite wounds in a shark attack while spearfishing in the Solomon Islands.

Corey Howell, who has lived in the Solomons for seven years, was diving for fish near Gizo in Western Province on Monday when a shark took three bites at him, injuring his left thigh.

The shark was attracted by the fish he caught, the Solomon Star newspaper reported today.

Mr Howell was airlifted to the capital, Honiara, yesterday and is recovering at the National Referral Hospital after undergoing surgery to patch up "a rugged wound", a hospital spokesman said. ... 72905.html

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:05 am
by sharkbait
Man survives shark attack

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AN Australian survived a notorious shark attack near Gizo, Western Province, while spear diving, Monday afternoon.

Corey Howell, who has been living in the Western Province for seven years, was bitten on his left thigh.

He was badly injured.

Reports say the shark bit Mr Howell three times before moving away.

Mr Howell was believed to be diving without any protective gear.

The shark was believed to have been lured by the fish he caught.

Mr Howell was airlifted to Honiara yesterday morning where he underwent emergency surgery at the National Referral Hospital.

A hospital spokesman said Mr Howell suffered from a rugged wound.
The surgery was to clean the wound.

The hospital official said Mr Howell will remain under medical care until he’s fully recovered.

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:05 am
by sharkbait
Shark attacks diver in Solomon Islands

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by LUTHER MONROE - CDNN Safety News Editor
GIZO, Solomon Islands (19 Sep 2007) --

An Australian man was airlifted to hospital and underwent emergency surgery for leg wounds after a shark attacked him.

Corey Howell, who has been living in the Solomon Islands for seven years, was spearfishing when a shark bit him three times severely injuring his left thigh.

Authorities said that fish Howell caught probably attracted the shark.

Howell was airlifted to National Referral Hospital in Honiara where he underwent surgery to clean and patch up a "rugged wound".

While most scuba divers welcome opportunities to observe sharks, and do so without incident, divers have been attacked when spearfishing or diving in areas where commercial scuba diving centers sell shark feeding tours.

Due to overwhelming scientific evidence that shark feeding is bad for both people and sharks, it has been banned in Florida, Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, the Red Sea, the Maldives and most international dive travel destinations.

Despite high-profile shark attacks and public safety campaigns to ban feeding and other harassment of marine wildlife, shark feeding is still legal in South Africa and the Bahamas, where local officials on retainer to shark feeders continue to ignore public opinion.