04/09/2005 Glenn Henderson (Florida)

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04/09/2005 Glenn Henderson (Florida)

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Possible shark bite in Crescent Beach

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) -- Did a shark bite a man at Crescent Beach over the weekend?

Fifty-two year-old Glenn Henderson says he felt something bite his foot Saturday when he was on his surfboard along the central Gulf coast.

Henderson bets it was a three-foot lemon shark but adds that he never actually saw it.

The aquatics director for St. Johns County says if it was a shark it would be the first this year in the county which averages three shark bites a year.

The alleged bite victim says the accident didn't hurt him too much. He waited for a good wave before going to shore to treat his foot. He even surfed the next day.

Bites often occur because sharks mistake a swimmer's splash for a smaller fish or because they're attracted to a shiny piece of jewelry or an ankle dangling off a surfboard.

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