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12/25/2015 - Ojeda-Thies - Canary Island

Tourist bitten by shark off coast of Gran Canaria

A woman has been bitten by a shark off the coast of Gran Canaria during a Chirstmas holiday.

She went for a swim after Christmas dinner with her relatives and was bitten 60ft from the shoreline.

Authorities are keen to stress that it was a ‘one-off’ over fears it could dent tourism to the island – a major income.

Ojeda-Thies, from Madrid, tweeted pictures of her ...
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12/22/2015 - Male - Brazil

Shark Incident Reported From Brazilian Archipelago

Helmut Nickel (mail), Shark Year Magazine,
22. December 2015
In the late afternoon of Monday (Dec.21), a man suffered severe injuries in a shark attack at Fernando de Noronha. It’s a small archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located over 350 km (220 miles) offshore from the coast of Pernambuco in Brazil.
The victim, a 33-years old tourist from Paraná, was reportedly diving in Baía do Sueste when the incident ...
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11/25/2015 - Graham Hurley - Galapagos Islands

NARRATIVE: Graham Hurley had been in the water 45 minutes along with 11 others and was snorkeling on the surface. “The shark appeared swimming calmly on the bottom as it came around a rock wall corner and came in my direction” reported Hurley. “Then shark lunged toward me, grabbed my right flipper and pulled me vertical in the water.” The shark shook Hurley and attempted to submerge with him, but Hurley thrashed and the shark ...
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12/19/2015 - Adrian Granadas - Aruba - *** Fatal ***

Adrian Granadas victim of fatal shark attack off Aruba

Saturday, December 19
A survivor of a shipwreck that occurred about thirty miles off the coast of Aruba was apparently attacked by a shark with fatal consequences. According to the article(s) which is written in Papiamento, a Venezuelan vessel with a crew of seven, carrying a cargo of whiskey from the island of Bonaire to Aruba, began to take on water as the result of rough ...
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12/11/2015 - Male - Bahamas

Bahamian man bitten by shark off Andros Island

News Release
U.S. Coast Guard
11. December 2015
Coast Guard responds to reported shark bite victim in Bahamas
MIAMI —The Coast Guard is responding a report of a Bahamian man who was bitten by a shark 67 nautical miles southwest of Andros Island, Bahamas.
The 26-year-old man was reportedly fishing aboard a 76-foot trawling boat when the incident occurred. Watchstanders at the Coast Guard 7th District ...
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11/07/2015 - Ryla Underwood - Florida

Units responded to beachside Melbourne this morning after reports of a bite, according to Brevard County Fire Rescue.

The victim, a 9-year-old girl, was surfing at Paradise Beach in Melbourne when she suffered a bite of some kind. A fire rescue spokesperson on Twitter said officials were unsure what bit the girl.

She was bitten on the leg and taken to a local hospital after Brevard County Ocean Rescue personnel treated her.

The incident was ...
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11/15/2015 - Female - Florida

There were two shark attacks in the waters off Palm Beach County, both happening yesterday.

Allen Engelman was surfing in the waters off Ocean Reef Park on Singer Island, when he says a Spinner shark clenched its teeth into his left hand. He grabbed the shark's fin with his right hand and the shark let go. He says it all happened in less than thirty seconds.

Engelman was treated for several lacerations at St. Mary's ...
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11/16/2015 - Aaron Conti - Florida

A surfer is recovering after being bitten on the foot by a shark off Playalinda Beach on Monday.

Aaron Conti said he was out for a day of surfing to clear his mind and relax.

"I like nature. It's God's creation. You see stuff," Conti said.

Conti said he was on his board early Monday afternoon when a shark grabbed his right foot.

"This is the first time I had a ...
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06/13/2015 - Elke Specker - California

SAN DIEGO (CN) - A filmmaker was mauled by a Mako shark when an "intoxicated" dive instructor drew it to her with bait, she claims in court.
Elke Specker sued Michael Kazma, Mako Shark Diving and Yellow Charter Boat on Nov. 10 in Federal Court.
Specker, of San Diego, says she boarded Yellow Charter's Cetus Specula boat on June 13 as a fare-paying passenger to film underwater shark activity.
Kazma, a recreational dive instructor, was ...
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