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Aggressive Shark At Tunnels

Terry Lilly got a beautiful picture and a bit of a scare spearfishing at Tunnels recently. After spearing a fish, a Galapagos shark charged in and stole it. Lilly says the 10-foot shark was one of the most aggressive he’s encountered, even following him toward the...

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Bull shark gets into swimming enclosure

A LARGE shark managed to get into a swimming enclosure near a popular picnic spot on Macleay Island, off the southeast Queensland coast. Police were alerted to the bull shark in the swimming area, which is surrounded by a net, at Macleay Island in Moreton Bay about...

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Great white shark off Jacksonville Beach

 Great white shark was 'in the surf break off Jacksonville Beach' Brett McBride climbs into the shark lift with Mary Lee, a shark that has been tracked off the First Coast's shores the week of Jan. 8. The great white weighs in at 3,456 pounds is...

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Don’t get bitten by a shark myth

WITH two attacks already and alarms sounding so often it's reminiscent of the Blitz, beach lovers fear we're in for another "Summer of the shark". Surfer Luke Allan lost a finger and suffered a thigh wound when he was attacked near Port Macquarie on December 28. Two...

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