General Shark News

Nearly three years

As my third year anniversary approaches I reflect on some of the great things that have come from my attack. Firstly, everything if better. To clarify this I mean, as I lay after my attack dying from loss of blood I was aware that I would never see the people I love...

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Save our Seas – scam or not????

How does one tell if the shark conservation NGO they are funding is ligament or not? This is not a tell tale form to decide but you be the judge. Pew environment has an email address for every person on their shark conservation team. You can contact each person and...

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International Shark Attack File #2

The International Shark Attack File #1 and the International Shark Attack File #2 what are the differences? One difference is in the ISAF #1 Rodney Fox was attacked by a shark and in the ISAF #2 Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark. So all those so-called shark...

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