General Shark News

Shark Attack Fatalities

None of these people ever participated in Shark Finning. Shark Conservation doesn't want us to care about these people only the sharks being killed. These people were all conservation minded people only briefly visiting the ocean. Fisherman kill sharks not ocean...

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International Shark Attack File

International Shark Attack File The International Shark Attack File is considered  as having the most complete listing of shark attacks worldwide. SO THEY SAY - WE DON'T... The worldwide committee of shark attack experts at the AES are. Shark Attack File...

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Shark Attack 3-13-2014

Caribbean Reef Shark encounter in the Western Caribbean Sea. We were Lion Fish Culling when the shark came out of no ware. It scared the crap out of me. Filmed on my GoPro 3 camera. We were in about 70' of water when the shark encounter occurred. The Cayman Islands is...

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