Cape Town man injured in white shark incident near Port St Johns

News Release

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

03. May, 2015


south-africa-shark-flagShark incident

On Saturday 2 May, Rob Nettleton took a normal party of sightseers out on his private boat OFFSHORE 1. The trip was arranged to accommodate local backpacker sightseeing tour operator, 29 year old Mathieu Dasnois, from Cape Town.

He has been living in Port St Johns for the past year and had clients to accompany the normal sightseeing trip. Having recently purchased new dive equipment Mathieu, an avid and well known spear fisherman, asked skipper Rob Nettleton if he could take a quick dip to test his new equipment.

In shallower waters (about 4 meter depth), at Sugarloaf Rock, Rob agreed that Mathieu could take a quick dip in the water, at about 13h30, to test his new dive equipment.  Once in the water Rob moved the away, to about 20 meters. Mathieu dived, surfaced and dived a second time when the dorsal fin of a 3.5 to 4 meter White Shark was seen approaching.

The shark grabbed Mathieu’s hands which Mathieu used to fend off the shark and it appeared that the shark went passed Mathieu.

The boat immediately went to Mathieu’s aid but on reaching Mathieu the shark breached from under Mathieu pulling him away from the boat with his foot in its mouth.  Mathieu managed to get his foot free and by that stage the boat was again alongside Mathieu.  Again, while attempting to rescue Mathieu, the shark breached but this time it appears that the boat got in the way of the sharks efforts and the people onboard the boat were able to pull Mathieu into the boat.  Emergency medical treatment began immediately and Mathieu was brought ashore where EC Government Health EMS were on hand to assist.

Paramedics treated Mathieu’s injuries and transported him to hospital in a stable condition where, following an operation, Mathieu is in high spirits. Mathieu is on the road to recovery suffering minor lacerations to his hands and right foot.

Rob Nettleton (although off-duty at the time) has been an NSRI volunteer at Port St Johns for four and a half years and carries a comprehensive medical kit onboard his boat. Also on board was crew member Debbie Smith, a volunteer with NSRI Port St Johns.

Rob adds that their years of experience and training with NSRI kicked in automatically but that everyone onboard his boat that day played a major role in the successful outcome of the incident.

Source: NSRI


Shark attack at Salt Water beach NSW

News Release

Manning-Great Lakes LAC – NSW Police Force

3. May 2015


Manning Great Lakes Police and New South Wales Ambulance Service were called to a shark attack at Salt Water beach. About 2.40pm a Cundletown man was surfing at Salt Water beach about 60 metres from shore when a shark has taken hold on his left arm. The man fought off the shark before coming back to shore. The man has been treated for a large wound to his left arm and right hand. He has been conveyed by ambulance to Manning Rural Hospital with non life threathening injuries. The sea was dirty from recent rain and approximately two metre swells.

Source: NSW Police


Possible Attack Incident in Italy

(ANSAmed) – CAGLIARI, April 7 – It will take at least 60 days at the medical examiner Roberto Demontis to figure out if they were the two deep wounds in the hip and shoulder, compatible with the attack of a shark, to cause the death of Eugenio Masala, the sub Cagliari 43 years (resident in Trento), whose lifeless body was recovered on April 3 to 70 meters deep after a dive on 29 March in front of the military polygon of Quirra. The autopsy, which was highlighted in the morning, did not find in the lungs a quantity of water such as to suggest a drowning, but even on this – as on the assumption of the attack shark – the Prosecution urges caution, at least before the examinations are concluded. The two wounds (twenty centimeters wide and 14 deep) would still be compatible with the bite of a big fish, as well as the marks left on the outline of the sub. The problem, however, is that the sub had disappeared on March 29 during a dive and that, therefore, for six days, his body remained at sea: the attack, therefore, may have happened already when the vital functions had ceased . It ‘just that the medical examiner is trying to find out through the histological solicited by prosecutor Enrico Lussu, in addition to ascertaining the cause of death. Among the cases being considered by the consultant would also include embolism or an illness. Within clarify also the correct operation of the cylinders of depth and dispenser air that the sub wore for the dive at that depth. The answers to all the questions will come out only by histological examination for which the expert of the Prosecutor has obtained two months. (ANSA. 07. April 2015).

and Massimo Diodato

Woman dies after suspected shark attack in Hawaii

News Release

County of Maui, Hawaii

29. April 2015


hawaii_shark1Woman Appears Victim of Shark Attack

MAKENA, MAUI – At 8:58 a.m. this morning firefighters received a call for an unresponsive female pulled from the water.

Wailea firefighters arrived at 9:12 a.m. at a popular surf spot known as ‘Dumps’, about a mile south of Big Beach, Makena State Park. Paramedics and Firefighters began lifesaving efforts, however, the woman, a 65-yr-old Kihei resident, did not survive.

Injuries found on the female victim’s upper torso, suggests she was attacked by a shark. So far, there are no reported witnesses of the shark attack. Snorkelers came upon the unresponsive female, floating face down in the water about 200 yards off-shore and pulled her from the water. The victim reportedly was snorkeling with two other friends and at some point separated from the others. She was alone when she was found.

Ocean Safety crews on rescue watercraft cleared the water of swimmers and DLNR officials have closed the waters from Big Beach to La Perouse Bay in South Maui.

Source: County of Maui


News Release

Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)

For Immediate Release April 29, 2015


MAKENA, MAUI — The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has closed Makena State Park and ocean waters from Big Beach to La Perouse light house to swimmers, divers, and other ocean users. This is in response to a fatal shark bite this morning in the Kanahena Cove area of Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement officers, Division of Aquatic Resources staff, and County lifeguards are on scene to investigate and warn the public. Shark warning signs are being posted. Further details about the incident are pending.

The area will be closed at least until noon tomorrow, at which time officials on the scene will assess the area for reopening.

Source: DLNR


Surfer in critical condition after shark attack at Fishery Bay, near Port Lincoln SA

News Release

South Australia Police

25. April 2015


Update: Man critical after shark attack – Fishery Bay

A man has been airlifted to Adelaide in a critical condition following a shark attack at Fishery Bay this morning about 40kms south of Port Lincoln

At about 9.50am Police and South Australian Ambulance Service were called to Fishery Bay, following reports a man had suffered serious injuries as a result of a shark attack.

The 26-year-old Port Lincoln man was surfing approximately 350m off shore when he was attacked by a shark causing serious leg injuries.

The injured man was rushed to the local Port Lincoln Hospital and has since been airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition.

Police in conjunction with Fisheries, local council and Surf Life Saving SA are in the process of erecting signs on the beach warning members of the public of the shark incident.

Source: SAPOL


La Réunion: Bull shark likely responsible for fatal attack on teenage surfer

Helmut Nickel (mail), Shark Year Magazine,
17. April 2015

This is an update on the fatal shark attack which occurred on 12. April 2015 off the headland of Pointe des Aigrettes, located close to Saint-Gilles in the commune of Saint-Paul. We already reported on this incident shortly after its occurrence, here.

A forensic medical expertise revealed that the young surfer was attacked by a bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) with an approximate length of 2,50 metres. The 13-year old victim succumbed to the multiple injuries that he had sustained to his limbs and abdomen.

Elio Canestri is the seventh and youngest victim to be killed in a shark attack in La Réunion since 2011 (see map below). He was a promising talent of the island’s surfing community who had already won the first-place of the ‘benjamin division’ during the 2013 Réunion Surfing Championship (results).

Shortly after the incident on Sunday, authorities ordered several fishing vessels to deploy shark fishing gear in the vicinity of the location where the incident had happened. Over the following days, the defined area was closed to all boating and other maritime activities for security reasons and to optimize the chances of catching sharks which are believed to pose a serious threat to public safety. This post-attack fishing operation ended after 72 hours on Wednesday (15. April) and two shark catches were made, as follows :

Date: 12. April 2015 , 17 hrs
Species: Tiger shark, female ( Galeocerdo cuvier )
Size: 3,30 m
Gear: bottom longline
Location: 1,3 km off Pointe des Aigrettes

Date: 14. April 2015, 03.30 hrs
Species: Tiger shark, female ( Galeocerdo cuvier )
Size: 4,20 m
Gear: drumline
Location: 600 m off Roches Noires beach.

The second specimen is one of the largest or even the largest tiger shark ever caught as part of the island’s shark fishing program. We have recently published the ‘2014 Summary of the Shark Fishing Program in Réunion Island’ (see full report here) where the biggest specimen measured slightly smaller with a reported length of 4,02 metres.