Shark attacks that happened on February 21

Shark attacks in history on February 21st.

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 21-Feb-2013 Unknown 18h00 USA Hawaii Ka’anapali, Honokowai, Maui Surfing Lacerations to right leg
2 21-Feb-2013 Male M 18h00 USA Hawaii Ka’anapali, Honokowai, Maui Ka’anapali, Honokowai, Maui Lacerations to right leg
3 21-Feb-2013 Jacob Lanskey M 18h00 USA Hawaii Paia Bay, Maui Surfing No injury, shark bit rail of foam board Reef
4 21-Feb-2008 Apia Hauta M 26 TAHITI TAHITI TAHITI Spearfishing Lacerations to face
5 21-Feb-2004 male M Australia New South Wales Taree Old Bar Beach Swimming Three toes lacerated
6 21-Feb-2000 male M 27 Afternoon USA Florida Riviera Beach Palm Beach County Right calf bitten
7 21-Feb-1997 Gersome Perreno M USA Hawaii Sunset Beach O’ahu Injured – but exact circumstances unknown at this time
8 21-Feb-1979 Charles Kantor M 19 13h15 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Port Alfred Surfing Punctures on left thigh 78
9 21-Feb-1835 John McKeig M VANUATU Espiritu Santo Island Bay of Yago Bathing Fatal –


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Shark attacks that happened on February 14

Here are the accounts for this day in shark attack history, February 14

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species .Sp_Length
1 14-Feb-2004 Egyptian male M EGYPT Sharm el Sheikh Coral Bay Snorkeling Fatal –
2 14-Feb-2000 Paul Smith a chef M ENGLAND Worcestershire The Fountain Pub in Tenbury Wells Shark feeding Fingers bitten SPI Blacktip
3 14-Feb-1992 Koji Harada M 10h00 JAPAN Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Diving No injury steel diving helmet bitten 3 times White 196
4 14-Feb-1988 Michael Schaeffer M 20 17h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Nahoon Surfing Ankle bitten 40
5 14-Feb-1982 Lisa Miller F USA Hawaii White Plains Beach Barbers Point O’ahu Wading Left leg bitten
6 14-Feb-1982 female F USA Hawaii White Plains Beach Barbers Point O’ahu Swimming Right foot bitten
7 14-Feb-1975 hobiecat occupants: Judy Lambert & a friend South Africa Western Cape Province Plettenburg Bay No Injury Shark bit rudder & hull Mako 120
8 14-Feb-1974 skiboat occupants: Danie & Fanie Schoeman Night South Africa Western Cape Province Macassar Fishing No injury shark leapt into boat & bit one of the boat’s seats White
9 14-Feb-1965 Geoffrey Walter Black M 25 15h00 South Africa KZN Amatikulu Treading water Abdomen buttock thigh arm & hand bitten 72
10 14-Feb-1964 Bernard Taye M 15 NEW CALEDONIA Diving Fatal – foot & part of other leg severed
11 14-Feb-1964 Ivo Berabi M 17 10h30 FIJI Vanua Levu Nailou Village Tunuloa Natewa Bay Spearfishing Fatal – thigh and abdomen bitten
12 14-Feb-1935 Darcy Lorenz M 20 17h30 Australia New South Wales Austinmer Surfing Thigh lacerated abrasions
13 14-Feb-1927 a sailor M NICARAGUA Salinas Bay A shark was caught its head severed from body and hung from the anchor davit onboard the U.S.S. Borie Hand in mouth Sharks’s jaws snapped shut lacerating his right hand SPI
14 14-Feb-1906 Herbert Thomas M NEW ZEALAND North Island Mototapu Island Swimming Fatal –

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Shark Attacks that happened on February 7th

In this historical account of shark attacks that happened on February 7, there is a provoked attack mixed in.


Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 07-Feb-2009 Durwin Keg M 41   Australia New South Wales Cellito Beach Surfing No injury, surfboard dented thrown in air – see News Archive for Detailed account in Durwin’s words White  
2 07-Feb-2008 Fiona Casey F 14   Australia New South Wales Horseshoe Bay Surfing Abrasions to elbow; collided with shark   36
3 07-Feb-2002 Paul McNamara M 35 19h15 Australia New South Wales Paramatta River (near Sydney) Kayaking No Injury Stern of kayak bitten/chest bruised    
4 07-Feb-1986 Johan Fourie M 46 18h30 South Africa Eastern Cape Province King’s Beach Port Elizabeth Swimming Lower leg lacerated SandTiger  
5 07-Feb-1982 Kim Seibel M     USA Florida Elliot Key Diving Fatal – Disappeared while diving bathing suit & diving gear recovered bore marks of shark’s teth    
6 07-Feb-1982 Donald Harvey Smith M   11h00 USA California Stillwater Cove Sonoma County Scuba Diving Calf & ankle bitten White 200
7 07-Feb-1981 Filmer       Australia Western Australia Parker’s Point Rottnest Island   No details    
8 07-Feb-1975 M. Worman   15   Australia Queensland Currumbin Rock   Survived    
9 07-Feb-1962 Clifford Hoogvorst M 22 09h00 South Africa KZN Winkelspruit Swimming Fatal – calf bitten twice    
10 07-Feb-1960 John Gilles & Harry Dowswell M 20   Australia New South Wales Wattamolla National Park Spearfishing No injury speared shark towed Gilles 200 yards & tore hole in diving suit and hit Dowswell’s back with its tail SPI SandTiger 115
11 07-Feb-1904 George Grant M     Australia Queensland Brisbane Swimming Fatal –    
12 07-Feb-1882 Native Diver M     Australia AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA Pearl diving Fatal –    


Shark Attacks that happened on January 20th.

January, 20th Shark Attacks that happened on January, 20th

In an attempt to contact other survivors and correct our database to ensure every incident is correct we have started “Attacks in History”.

Every few days we will post all the incidents that happened on that date.

We ask Survivors to please contact us – Your Fellow Shark Survivors.

Those interested in sharky incidents if you should happen to see an error or have news clipping on any of these incidents please send us the info.

Shark Attack Survivors

January, 20th




Mia Merlini



Lacerations to both legs



New South Wales

Cudgen Creek




Hurdenis Jérez



Left foot severed


Santiago de Cuba Province





Werner Schonhofer



Fatal – Presumed Fatal no body recovered shark mutilated wetsuit & harness recovered



Western Australia





Earl Dunnam



Foot bitten



Waialua Beach Moloka’i

Body Boarding





South Africa





David Barrowman



Fatal -, body not recovered


South Australia

Coffin Bay




Ernest Lamerton



Finger bitten by hooked shark


South Australia

Largs Bay




Anthony Bunn



Fatal – right thigh lacerated femoral artery severed


South Africa


North Beach Durban

Body surfing



Andrew I. Brown


Both thighs lacerated


South Africa

Eastern Cape Province

Kidd’s Beach

Body surfing






Fatal – hips & thigh bitten


South Africa


Back Beach Durban






Fatal –


13º45’S, 27º20’W

13º45’S, 27º20’W

13º45’S, 27º20’W

Sea Disaster



John Eaton


Fatal –



New South Wales

Iron Cove,Sydney






Forehead bitten



Mary River



On this date in history: USS Indianapolis bombed

On July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by the Japanese in shark-infested waters. Of the 1,196 men on board, only 317 would survive, making it the greatest single loss of life at sea in U.S. Navy history.

As the Indianapolis returned from delivering parts and enriched uranium for the atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima it was hit by two torpedoes launched from a Japanese submarine. The torpedoes were extremely effective, and the ship sank in approximately 12 minutes.

Though some 900 men would make it out of the ship into the water, dehydration, exposure and shark attacks would reduce that number by a third. Despite the distress calls sent by the Indianapolis prior to sinking, a number of errors occurred, and the U.S. Navy only learned of the attack three-and-a-half days later when the survivors were spotted by a plane on a routine patrol flight.

Remember the International Shark Attack File and all the so-called experts say no-one was a “confirmed to be unprovoked shark attack” so all those attacked or eaten do not count in any shark attack statistics. The ISAF are idiots….

The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters. The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.

The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.
The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.

Fifty years since fatal shark attack in Sydney Harbour


Shark attack victim Marcia Hathaway.

Shark attack victim Marcia Hathaway.

AT FIRST she thought it was an octopus bite, perhaps because the prospect of a shark attack in Sydney Harbour seemed fanciful by comparison. She stayed calm even as her blood spilled into the shallows off Sugarloaf Bay. ”I am not in pain,” she told her fiance. ”Don’t worry about me, dear. God will look after me.”

Marcia Hathaway was 32, an actor and converted Christian, who once played a mission nurse in the forgotten film, Shadow of the Boomerang. But she will be forever remembered for her final role, as the last person killed by a shark in Sydney Harbour.

Fifty years ago, Miss Hathaway, from Milsons Point, was wading in Middle Harbour while on a boating trip with friends when the shark attacked, tearing at her right calf and thigh until the water was ”bloodstained and foaming”, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.


Shark attack victim Marcia Hathaway was carried by stretcher to an ambulance, which broke down and failed to climb the hill despite getting a push. Photo: N. Stubbs

Shark attack victim Marcia Hathaway was carried by stretcher to an ambulance, which broke down and failed to climb the hill despite getting a push. Photo: N. Stubbs

Witnesses heard her scream. ”She said she thought she had been attacked by an octopus,” her fiance, Frederick Knight, then 38, said later.

He wrestled the shark to stop it from dragging her into deep water. ”I saw a fin and its girth as I straddled it. My legs were wide apart and its body touched both of them,” he said. ”The water was stained with blood and I never thought I would get her away from it. I think at one stage I had my foot in its mouth. It felt soft and spongy.”

Friends on a nearby cabin cruiser tore sheets from the bunks for tourniquets. Mr Knight swam for help and arranged for an ambulance to meet the boat at nearby Mowbray Point.

Miss Hathaway’s predicament was worsened when the ambulance broke down on the road leading from the harbour. About 30 people tried to push the vehicle but the grade was too steep. By the time a second ambulance arrived to take her to hospital she had stopped breathing. Later, her friends returned at night in a boat and tossed bait into the water to lure the shark, according to a man who has not spoken publicly about the event until now. But Miss Hathaway’s killer was gone.

Since then there have been other shark attacks in Sydney Harbour and many sightings but no deaths.

Googling ”Sugarloaf Bay” reveals a 2009 YouTube video of a bull shark swimming about the mangroves. But the risk of fatal attack is relatively less now than on January 28, 1963, according to shark researcher Andrew Fox. ”With the amount of time we spend in the water these days and the massive population increase, you should expect a proportionate increase in the rate of attacks, but that hasn’t happened,” he said.

The most recent fatal attack in New South Wales was at Lighthouse Beach, Ballina, near Byron Bay, in 2008. But nationally, only one person is killed a year on average, according to the Australian Shark Attack File at Taronga Zoo. An average of 121 people drown at the beach each year by comparison.

Mr Fox, of the Fox Shark Research Foundation, said public ”hysteria” over shark attacks has stopped many people swimming in open water during feeding times at dawn and dusk.


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