Spearfisherman bitten by shark in Wallis Island

Spearfisherman bitten by shark in Wallis Island

Helmut Nickel (mail), Shark Year Magazine,
28. May 2014

Eric Barnabé was bitten by a shark while spearfishing in the waters of Wallis, which is an island in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the French overseas collectivity of Wallis and Futuna.

The incident occurred in the morning of last Friday, 23. May 2014. Eric sustained injuries to his left lateral thigh.

The spearfisherman claims that he was attacked by a large grey reef shark Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos ( species name mentioned in French source: requin gris ) that measured about 3 metres in length.
Although the reported maximum size of this species is 2,55 metres, with most individuals being less than 2 metres in length. ” He attacked me by mistake and I will continue to love sharks”, Eric said.

Below is a news video by ‘Polynesie 1ere’ ( uploaded on 26. May 2014 ) reporting about this incident.

Source: la1ere, Eric Barnabé ( photo ).

[youtube nlOzAwnJ4kU]

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Shark Attacks – USS Indianapolis hopefully the best shark movie ever…

Forget Shark Week – Look Forward to – USS Indianapolis

There are many conditions that must exist for large enough Apex Predator sharks to go after a human.

Under some conditions humans hug, feed, ride and pay large dollars to dive with them.

Then there are conditions when large Apex Predator sharks seek out and kill or eat humans one at a time or by the hundreds.

There have been so many humans killed or eaten by sharks our shark researchers, conservationists, shark attack files don’t mention them or even want you to know about them.

To get the whole truth about sharks you should know about all the good they do for the marine eco system within a well managed fishery.

The bad things that can happen in an unmanaged fishery, and the terrible things that are surfacing in unmanaged sanctuaries.

And the ugliest side of them when they tear into human flesh or seek out humans for food.

We are hoping the new movie USS Indianapolis will shed some truth on the ugliest part of dealing with sharks. Jaws was the imagination of a writer the USS Indianapolis is based on historical facts. Hundreds of sharks eating hundreds of humans.   




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Shark Attack 3-13-2014

Caribbean Reef Shark encounter in the Western Caribbean Sea. We were Lion Fish Culling when the shark came out of no ware. It scared the crap out of me. Filmed on my GoPro 3 camera. We were in about 70′ of water when the shark encounter occurred.

The Cayman Islands is where I learned to dive and one of the best dive locations in the world. I would strongly recommend that anyone take a vacation here to enjoy the beauty of its reefs. You will see amazing animals everywhere. I especially recommend night diving. I love this place and will continue diving here for the rest of my life. In no way did this encounter discourage me from getting back into the water.

I want to make it clear that I am hunting lion fish to help protect the reef from the destruction that they cause. The shark was acting in his natural environment. I have no ill will toward him and will get back in the water and continue to protect the reef for future generations. I would strongly encourage anyone out there to donate to REEF.org or other organizations to help protect our reefs, Sharks and the beautiful creatures in them.


[youtube MuJmrv_KF24]

Fatal Shark Attack in Reunion Island


[youtube ofJaexoiCYA]

Video uploaded by CAROUPRI Rose on 15. July 2013 .

07/15/2013 – A teenage tourist ( Sarah, 15 ) was killed in a shark attack in the bay of Saint-Paul, located on the western coast of Reunion Island.