Sea Shepherd loses WA court bid to suspend shark drum lines

Christopher Neff was involved – Kill all sharks so I can make more money and get my degree.

March 5th, 2014

Sea Shepherd has failed in its bid to secure a court injunction to force the West Australian government to suspend its controversial shark catch-and-kill policy.

The marine activists launched the fast-tracked legal challenge on Wednesday last week, seeking to have dozens of baited drumlines off Perth and the South West region removed.

The policy to kill any great white, tiger or bull shark bigger than three metres spotted in surfing and swimming hotspots was allowed by federal environment minister Greg Hunt.

He granted WA an exemption under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, allowing the protected species to be killed until the end of the trial on April 30.


Lawyers for Sea Shepherd had argued the exemptions to state laws were not published properly.

Deputy state solicitor Rob Mitchell told the WA Supreme Court on Tuesday that even if it was proved the state government had not followed proper procedure to get the policy started, the right papers would simply be signed within hours to keep the drumlines in place.

Sea Shepherd barrister Richard Hooker said the WA government was trying to write its own rules – and had not played by them.

But on Wednesday, Judge James Edelman decided against granting the injunction.

Dozens of tiger sharks – but no great whites – have been caught by the hooks.

Photos of bleeding and already dead sharks sparked outrage among conservationists, and thousands of protesters attended rallies against the policy around the country.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren expressed concern and disappointment at Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision to keep the drum lines in the water, with a requested injunction for the hooks to be taken out for proper judicial review denied.

“While the request for the drum lines to be pulled immediately was denied, we are still hopeful that we will win the case, and the drum lines will be pulled out then,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Despite both environmental and legal concerns surrounding Barnett’s catch and kill policy, the drum lines remain; this is an upsetting decision for 80-95 per cent of Australians that are against the cull.

“This is also concerning for those that feel unsafe swimming in WA waters with a meat curtain hanging just one kilometre off our popular beaches.”

Ms MacLaren emphasised “the short-term disappointment of remaining drum lines will not slow down the battle for the policy to be halted altogether”.

“This is but a small hiccup on the journey to ending a policy that is rushed, ineffective, ill-thought out and clearly breaching conditions to the EPBC exemption,” she said.

“That exemption should have become void the moment the Premier failed in his commitment to the exemption that involved minimising the environmental impact from the proposed drum line deployment.”

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt later said the current operations could continue until April 30 but there would be no extension until WA conducted a full environmental assessment of the Shark Mitigation Strategy.

The scheme requires a full assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, he said.

Mr Hunt said the issue had highlighted the need for further research into the shark population off the Australian coast so the federal government was committing $379,000 for research into the white shark population.

The research will aim to locate juvenile and nursery aggregation areas to enable genetic and electronic tagging to build a greater profile of the population and trends.


Nearly three years

As my third year anniversary approaches I reflect on some of the great things that have come from my attack.
Firstly, everything if better. To clarify this I mean, as I lay after my attack dying from loss of blood I was aware that I would never see the people I love again. Well I made it through and I see them all the time! We still have our differences BUT we are all aware that we may never have had this chance, a hug from a loved one is priceless don’t waste them and hand them out freely. Even when we are not close to each other, everyone knows how we feel.

Mates, true mates will paddle over to you with a 10 foot shark circling underneath and drag you out of the surf! They will share good and bad times with you and they will help you celebrate how great it is to be alive. They will laugh at how you can’t now do things (as they step in and help). I have received so much compassion and help from friends that I can never ever repay them.

Survivors, I have met, emailed, talked and messaged some great survivors and all of them are family to me. The trials that some have been through is just outstanding and how strong they can be is amazing.
They don’t have to agree with my thoughts and beliefs and I don’t have to agree with theirs. A shark attack provokes differing feelings in different people, some want to now fight for shark conservation some don’t, some turn to religion and some don’t. Nobody can be blamed for how they feel , we just need to respect each others views.
Helping and talking with other survivors is a privilege, trying to offer comfort and help any way I can and sharing experiences etc. The shark does not discriminate who it attacks so we should not either.

Ah yes it’s been a hard 3 years, 3 years of my second life, my freebie, but it has been a great 3 years! Dave

Save our Seas – scam or not????

How does one tell if the shark conservation NGO they are funding is ligament or not? This is not a tell tale form to decide but you be the judge.

Pew environment has an email address for every person on their shark conservation team. You can contact each person and expect a response they are extremely concerned on any question the public may ask. You can also do the same to the Shark Research Institute and Global Shark Attack File, even those at the International Shark Attack File provide you with ways to contact them directly.

Then we have those at Save our Seas a giant NGO but all they provide is an online contact us form. This form goes to one person and if that person feels like responding to you or your question is up to them. We recently tried to request information from this NGO many times and finally received a response from the CEO.

Dear Al,

I have received all your messages. But as you noticed yourself, I will not respond anymore as I don’t feel concerned.

Michael C. Scholl

Save Our Seas Foundation CEO

SOSF is a giant NGO which actually spent mega dollars to try and switch the word “attack” to “bite” by hiring a public policy graduate (giant flop) and Shark Attack Survivors deals with the survivors of Shark attacks.

SOSF has no concern with shark attacks but spent millions trying to switch the word attacks to bites.

Shark Attack Survivors 2013 shark attack summary ISAF results included

Press Release

Welcome to Shark Attack Survivors 2013 yearly shark attack summary. Our shark attack information is available up to the minute all year long, so a yearly shark attack summary is pretty much a waste for our purposes, but all those so-called shark experts and reporters find a yearly report on “confirmed to be unprovoked” to be important.

For our Shark Survivors worldwide services for the victims of shark attacks we need to know those people who were “Injured” and those either “Eaten by a shark” or “Killed by a shark”. Those not injured in a sharky incident are important for ocean goers, but we do not consider them to be an attack or incidents that need our immediate attention unless the survivors are having trouble dealing with a shark trying to injure or kill them.

Our Shark Attack Summary is simply split into three categories “Injured” “Harassed” and those either “Killed or Eaten by a shark” (Fatal).

We have included the figures of the “confirmed to be unprovoked” shark attacks which may make understanding shark attacks a bit harder to understand. They include those not injured by a shark and leave out famous shark attack survivors like Rodney Fox who was not attacked by a shark according to all your shark experts.

We know it sounds stupid that Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark, but this is what your shark experts say, NOT US!!!

Have questions on if your shark expert or reporter includes Rodney Fox, ask them.

Being our information is in real time pulled from our online shark attack file it may take awhile to provide you with the results, please be patient.

Shark Attack Survivors


Get your Ph. D degree in the politics of shark attacks

Get your Ph. D degree in the politics of shark attacks at shark attack survivors. There is a similar program at an Australian university, but all you need to know there are the relative risks about lighting, dog bites, rabbit bites, can accidents and the list goes on and on.

Our program is much more intense you have to study shark attacks. Their program costs thousands and takes 3 to 4 years and is overseen by one person.

Our program is much easier, costs nothing and you are graded by actual shark attack survivors, persons in charge of shark attack files and those in government positions dealing with shark attacks.

Don’t be fooled by this Australian certification, Shark Attack Survivors are the only ones that actually know about shark attacks not this fake program in Australia.

Al Brenneka

Shark Attack Survivors.

International Shark Attack File #2

The International Shark Attack File #1 and the International Shark Attack File #2 what are the differences?

One difference is in the ISAF #1 Rodney Fox was attacked by a shark and in the ISAF #2 Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark.

So all those so-called shark experts, National Geographic, Discovery Channel all those that repeat the ISAF #2 figures agree that Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark.

If you think Rodney Fox was attacked by shark then you shouldn’t use or listen to those that say he wasn’t. You see those using the ISAF #2 all the time they call themselves Shark Experts…