Randall Jordan Guilty of breaking Florida Shark Feeding Law

Shark Cowboy Randall Jordan Guilty of breaking Florida Fish Feeding Law.

Guilty on all three counts.
– No jail time. 12 months probation.
– Total $1,500 fines.
– Must pay court costs $1,800.
– Community service.
– Investigation costs to be determined later.

The investigation costs share could be high. the State Attorney said during sentencing that they wanted to hurt Jordan in the pocket book which was his motivation for doing this shark feeding activity.

Feeding sharks to make a buck is not conservation. Commodifying predators and/or entrainment of sharks is not conservation. It is animal abuse.

We ask divers to boycott boats, captains, instructors, divers and businesses that break Florida law by feeding or baiting fish for amusement and to avoid shark education awareness scams, etc. Report violations of law to the FWC by calling the Wildlife Alert hotline at 1-888-404-3922. You can also text or email Tip@MyFWC.com.


Finned Sand Tiger Shark that survived a Human Attack

She is a fully finned female sand tiger that survived and all wounds are healed. Angler did not tag her because her girth made them believe she was carrying pups and to release asap. She was caught in Ocean City, MD in a spot 36 others were caught(no they were not finned) in the past month and a half, so shes cycling normal imo. She swam like a snake and was strong enough to knock angler over and break off swimming into surf.

-Caught 1\2 mile off Ocean City Inlet

-She was 91 inches from nose to what was left of      lower caudal, 84 inches from nose to where caudal starts, estimated she would have been 100 inches if 3\4 of her caudal wasn’t gone.
-She was very “girthie” thought to have pups
-She swam like a snake. 3rd wave hit gills, he felt her pulsate and she exploded to right almost knocking him over.
– All wounds fully healed and he felt they were over a year old.
-Estimated at 300lbs
-He caught 36 total in same spot the past month and a half.
-His bait shop in Ocean City claimed its a normal occurrence with sandtigers in the area, when he showed them photos. They are caught yearly in that condition.

I believe this is the first ever documented full finning survivor. I do believe this might be species specific due to sand tigers gulping or holding air.




Photo Credits: E.L. Jehl.

Information Credits: Melissa Michaelson

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Shark Attacks That Happened August 15

Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on August 15

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 15-Aug-2012 tourist from Germany M 31 USA Alabama Gulf Shores Wading or swimming Lacerations to leg
2 15-Aug-2011 Rudy Varney M 7 USA South Carolina Myrtle Beach – 4th Avenue North beach access Playing Abrasions to left hand
3 15-Aug-2007 Andrea Lynch F 20 Night USA Florida Sarasota Bay Floating near boat Many severe punctures wounds on Torso Bull 72
4 15-Aug-2006 Richard Whitaker M South Africa Western Cape Province Danger Reef Surfing No Injury 180
5 15-Aug-2004 Randy Fry M 50 16h00 USA California Kibesillah Mendocino County Diving Fatal – White 204
6 15-Aug-2000 Jean Alain Goenvec M 53 11h50 USA Hawaii Kanaha Beach Maui Windsurfing Left calf lacerated Tiger 156
7 15-Aug-1998 Kevin Paffrath M 28 16h30 Bahamas Ambergris Cay Spearfishing Calf bitten Caribbean 56
8 15-Aug-1997 Mike Jonatis M 28 Mexico Quintana Roo Santa Rosa Cozumel Scuba Diving Fatal – arm & leg severed Tiger 204
9 15-Aug-1997 Mac Lupold M 33 Mexico Quintana Roo Santa Rosa Cozumel Scuba Diving Fatal –
10 15-Aug-1995 James Oatley M 20 08h30 USA Florida Daytona Beach Volusia County Wading Thigh lacerated 72
11 15-Aug-1993 21 m sportfishing vessel Seabiscuit. Occupants: Captain Louie Abbott & 2 dozen anglers 11h30 USA California Between Santa Cruz Island and Santa Barbara No injury to occupants; shark circled boat repeatedly then rammed the vessel 3 time White 216
12 15-Aug-1993 Petra Rijoes F 19 10h00 USA North Carolina Pamlico Sound Raft Severe lacerations to abdomen & thighs Bull
13 15-Aug-1993 5.4 m boat Australia Western Australia Off Rottnest Island Fishing No injury to occupants. Shark struck boat lifting the outboard motor White 240
14 15-Aug-1987 Craig Rogers M 40 07h30 USA California Tunitas Beach San Mateo County Surfing Fingers & surfboard injured White 216
15 15-Aug-1983 Jill Redenbaugh F 14 USA Virginia Virginia Beach Princess Anne County Swimming Foot bitten Sand
16 15-Aug-1973 boy M 17 USA Virginia False Cape Shelling Elbow bitten Blacktip 66
17 15-Aug-1967 Sue Ferguson F 19 16h00 BERMUDA Floating Foot abraded & lacerated
18 15-Aug-1959 Gary Seymour M 21 USA Florida Panama City, Bay County Diving No Injury
19 15-Aug-1959 Lt. James C. Neal M 26 USA Florida Panama City, Bay County Scuba Diving Fatal – disappeared dive gear & clothing found with teethmarks presumed taken by a shark 144
20 15-Aug-1956 Jose Luis Nufize Lago M 13 USA Puerto Rico North coast Skin diving Fatal –
21 15-Aug-1956 Douglas Clarke M 10 16h30 USA California Pismo Beach Swimming Lacerated thigh hand & shoulder White 108
22 15-Aug-1899 Delano Wood M 15 USA Florida Trout River, Panama Park Swimming Fatal – 120

Spain shark scare briefly shuts down beaches

Would-be beachgoers near Barcelona faced a brief ban after a shark scare shut down six beaches for a day, the Red Cross said on Wednesday.

Three small blue sharks, between one and 1.5 metres (five feet) long, were sighted by lifeguards on Tuesday, prompting two local town halls to ban bathing from their beaches.

The beaches in the resorts of Premia del Mar and El Masnou near Barcelona were closed on Tuesday and reopened on Wednesday morning, a local Red Cross spokeswoman told AFP.

“A surveillance patrol in boats did not find the sharks,” so green flags were flying again on Wednesday indicating it was safe to bathe in the sea, the spokeswoman said.

Two Red Cross boats carrying out routine patrols in the waters off the two resorts were continuing to keep an eye out for the sharks, she added.

The Florida Natural History Museum, which monitors shark attacks, says the blue shark is considered a dangerous species and is known to have attacked sharks and boats.

Shark Attacks That Happened July 11

Here are the historical accounts for shark attacks that happened on July 11

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 11-Jul-2013 Barbara Corey F 63 15h30 USA North Carolina Holden Beach , BRUNSWICK COUNTY Wading bite wound on her right foot
2 11-Jul-2010 Male M 16h30 USA Florida Lauderdale by the sea, Broward County Diving – trying to free shark caught in net Small laceration to forearm from netted shark Nurse
3 11-Jul-2009 Brian Hovnanian M 08h30 USA California San Onofre Paddle-surfing No injury, shark collided with surfer & board 60
4 11-Jul-2009 John Cooper M Bahamas Bahamas. Bahamas. Spearfishing bit on John Cooper’s leg leaving a huge gash Caribbean 72
5 11-Jul-2008 Male M 24 13h45 USA South Carolina 31st avenue , Isle of Palms, Charleston County Surfing Bite to Arm
6 11-Jul-1998 Darren James M 16 Morning South Africa Eastern Cape Province St. Francis Bay Surfing Knee bitten 72
7 11-Jul-1988 female F 15 10h30 USA Florida Jensen Beach Martin County Swimming Punctures & deep scratches in foot & buttock
8 11-Jul-1982 Gerald Winkle M 43 USA California Malibu Swimming No injury -Hoax
9 11-Jul-1963 James Ronald Mason deckhand M 24 USA Mississippi Horn Island Fishing Cuts on right hand SPI 48
10 11-Jul-1951 Edward Sierks skipper of L’Apache M 42 PACIFIC OCEAN In Los Angeles – Honolulu yacht race Fell overboard Molested by shark that nibbled his bare feet rescued 30 hours later. 84
11 11-Jul-1934 boat Australia New South Wales Cronulla No injury to occupants Sharks continually followed the dinghy and one smashed its rudder White
12 11-Jul-1928 Willie Poid a Torres Strait islander M Australia Pearl diving Injuries to chest
13 11-Jul-1916 (male occupant of a capsized lifeboat) Bahamas 50 miles off Bahamas Sea Disaster Fatal -. When the survivors were rescued next day they were clubbing sharks with oars.
14 11-Jul-1899 Unknown M ITALY a Genoa Fishing Laceration to face and neck, shark was in boat