Shark Attacks That Happened December 5

Here are th historcial accounts of shark attacks that took place on December 5:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 05-Dec-2013 male M 26 18h15 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Shelly Beach, near Port Macquarie Surfing Puncture wounds to hand, laceration to leg
2 05-Dec-2012 Lorrin M 60 13h20 USA Hawaii Kauai Surfing Lacerations to left foot 120
3 05-Dec-2010 Renate Seiffert F 70 12h00 Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh Middle Garden Snorkeling Fatal – Oceanic 98
4 05-Dec-2000 Daniel MacDonald M 30 CANADA New Brunswick Bay of Fundy Diving No injury Porbeagle 120
5 05-Dec-1971 Gregory Carroll M 20 Australia Queensland Gladstone Fatal –
6 05-Dec-1948 Unknown M Night PACIFIC OCEAN NORTH Between Kwajalein Atoll & Johnston Island 500 nautical miles southwest of Johnston Island Sea Disaster 32 survived 5 perished; sharks fed on the dead but did not bite the survivors
7 05-Dec-1922 Alfred Gassman M 19 Australia Queensland Pialba Beach near Maryborough Bathing Fatal – severe injuries to torso Blue 108
8 05-Dec-1909 male M AUSTRALIA New South Wales Bondi Fishing 3 fingers bitten by hooked shark 84

Shark Attacks That Happened on November 21

Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on November 21:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 21-Nov-2005 Male M 30 Afternoon USA Florida Jensen Beach Martin County Surfing Left foot bitten 48
2 21-Nov-2000 George Lyons M 28 Australia Queensland Orpheus Island Diving No injury wetsuit & swimfin torn Tiger 157
3 21-Nov-2000 Danny Thorpe M 47 Australia South Australia Ceduna Sea Disaster Fatal – Missing thought to have been taken by a shark but not confirmed
4 21-Nov-1998 James Willie Tellasmon M 9 14h00 USA Florida Ocean Beach Jaycee Park Vero Beach Indian River County Swimming Fatal – Tiger
5 21-Nov-1993 Richard Peter Bisley M 27 15h15 Australia Western Australia A pearl farm in Roebuck Bay Hookah diving Fatal – Tiger
6 21-Nov-1987 Brian Tyska M 15 USA Florida North of Jupiter Inlet Palm Beach County Surfing Leg lacerated
7 21-Nov-1983 Arturo Garces M PHILIPPINES Central Philippines Boating Accident – Ferry boat sank Left foot nipped 18
8 21-Nov-1965 Gordon Holbrook M 43 Australia Queensland Near Brisbane Fishing Fatal – SPI 180
9 21-Nov-1965 Takashi Kameya M 44 23h30 PACIFIC OCEAN 250 miles southwest of O’ahu Hawaii Japanese fishing boat Taihei Maru No.10 Shark Fishing Left forearm bitten surgically amputated
10 21-Nov-1943 Richard Richardson M South Africa Eastern Cape Province Kei River Mouth Swimming Right foot lacerated
11 21-Nov-1942 male M INDIAN OCEAN Bound from Cape Town for St. Helena Sea Disaster Fatal –
12 21-Nov-1929 Gamatano Yugoago M CUBA Cienfuegos Province Cienfuegos Fishing Shark attacked his boat threatening to capsize it. He jumped overboard & shark bit his arm.
13 21-Nov-1924 Professor Winslow M 35 Evening USA Puerto Rico Santurce Bathing Fatal – hand severed both legs & arms bitten & nearly severed
14 21-Nov-1895 Rouee Youma M BARBADOS Bridgetown Diving for coins Leg bitten
15 21-Nov-1874 Male M AUSTRALIA Queensland Maryborough Bathing Thigh bitten 120

Shark Attacks That Happened November 14

Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on November 14th:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 14-Nov-2002 Michelle Glen F 41 08h40 TURKS & CAICOS French Cay Snorkeling Right upper am shoulder & back severely bitten Caribbean 78
2 14-Nov-1999 Sean Grenfell M 35 South Africa KZN Umtentweni Surfing Lower legs lacerated White 120
3 14-Nov-1998 Larry Foor M 14 08h45 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Right foot bitten 48
4 14-Nov-1992 Ken Kelton M 46 12h50 USA California Ano Nuevo San Mateo County Kayaking No injury kayak bitten White 216
5 14-Nov-1991 John Saenza M 12h54 USA Florida Near Port Canaveral Coast Guard Base Fishing Hand bitten as he was cleaning hooked shark SPI 96
6 14-Nov-1966 Vinit Tantikarn 28 THAILAND No details
7 14-Nov-1963 boat Nora occupant Bruce Harris M Australia Queensland Mermaid Beach Shark Fishing No injury to occupant netted shark rammed & bit boat SPI White 182
8 14-Nov-1958 male M SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province False Bay Fishing No injury – shark leapt at him
9 14-Nov-1947 Peter Curruthers M 17 Dusk AUSTRALIA New South Wales Knobby’s Beach, Newcastle No Injury – Fishing from surf ski No Injury ski bumped
10 14-Nov-1947 John Martini M 16 Dusk AUSTRALIA New South Wales Knobby’s Beach, Newcastle Fishing from surf ski No injury, ski bumped
11 14-Nov-1942 Because of a mistaken belief that there were no survivors and several other successive errors of the 100 to 150 men who survived the sinking only 11 were rescued. Four of the Sullivan brothers died in the initial blast. M 11h01 SOLOMON ISLANDS / VANUATU VANUATU North of Guadalcanal Solomon Islands while enroute to Vanuatu Sea Disaster Over a period of a week men in the water died of wounds thirst & sharks.
12 14-Nov-1909 Unknown INDONESIA 30 nm from Singapore Rhio Strait Sea Disaster Fatal – 101 people perished
13 14-Nov-1902 Male M ITALY Near Naples Near Naples Swimming Fatal –
14 14-Nov-1900 William Strathorn M 30 South Africa Western Cape Province Three Anchor Bay Swimming Fatal – legs severed

Shark Attacks That Happened October 24th

Here are the historcial accounts of shark attacks that took place on October 24:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 24-Oct-2013 Anthony Joyce M AUSTRALIA New South Wales South Narrabeen Beach Surfing Injuries to right foot Wobbegong
2 24-Oct-2009 Scott Barton M 17h30 USA California San Onofre, San Diego County Surfing 3 puncture wounds to big toe of left foot, and laceration on arch of foot
3 24-Oct-2003 Don Keener M 56 12h20 USA Hawaii Honolua Bay Snorkeling Left forearm lacerated
4 24-Oct-1998 female F 17 Afternoon USA Florida Jupiter Beach Palm Beach County Swimming Minor lacerations on right ankle & foot
5 24-Oct-1997 Luis Morales M 23 17h15 USA Florida North Jetty Fort Pierce Inlet State Park St. Lucie County Surfing 5 gash in foot Blacktip
6 24-Oct-1985 Patrick Gee M 22 08h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province East London Body Boarding Left leg severely lacerated superficial lacerations of right leg board damaged White 96
7 24-Oct-1972 Norman Hargreaves M Australia Queensland Mackay Right arm bitten
8 24-Oct-1970 James C. Mattan M USA Hawaii Brennecke Beach Po’ipu Kaua’i Body surfing Shoulder & arm bitten
9 24-Oct-1960 boat occupants: 2 fishermen South Africa Western Cape Province Jacobs Bay Reef Saldanha Bay Fishing No injury to occupants shark rammed & bit boat White 156
10 24-Oct-1957 Matthew Keia a Lord Howe native M 22 17h30 SOLOMON ISLANDS Guadalcanal Honiara Fatal –
11 24-Oct-1944 Unknown M 17h30 Unknown at this time 225 miles east of Hong Kong Sea Disaster Fatal – Most of the men drowned & some were taken by sharks. Only only nine men survived
12 24-Oct-1878 Owen M INDONESIA East Java Probolinggo Swimming FATAL 155

Shark Attacks That Happened October 17

Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on October 17:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 17-Oct-2009 Male M 23 14h45 SCOTLAND Fife Deep Sea World Aquarium Diving 15-20 puncture wounds to arm by captive shark Angel
2 17-Oct-2008 NA Open Ocean NA NA Scuba Diving on Shark Watching Dive Bite to head – Sharks ambush diver all on Video
3 17-Oct-1994 Ednaldo Jose da Silva BRAZIL Pernambuco Piedade Surfing Unknown Survived
4 17-Oct-1986 Kliki Ndlazi M South Africa KZN Umhlanga Minor lacerations & puncture wounds on right leg from netted shark taken onboard skiboat SPI SandTiger 66
5 17-Oct-1984 Mary Dunn F 77 12h05 USA Florida Boynton Beach Palm Beach County Wading 10 laceration on leg
6 17-Oct-1983 Charles Hundley M 20 USA Florida Daytona Beach, Volusia County Wading Minor injuries
7 17-Oct-1983 Aryon Kalein M 16 USA Florida Stuart Beach Martin County Surfing Puncture marks in leg & surfboard dinged 60
8 17-Oct-1981 Robert Conklin M 09h45 USA Florida Palm Beach Palm Beach County Surfing Injured – but exact circumstances unknown at this time
9 17-Oct-1980 Curt Vikan M 19 09h30 USA California Moonstone Beach Humboldt County Surfing No injury White 180
10 17-Oct-1967 Peter J. White M 19 16h30 USA Florida McArthur Beach Singer Island Palm Beach Shores Standing Left foot bitten Blacktip
11 17-Oct-1961 fisherman M PHILIPPINES Western Luzon Island Manila Bay Shelling Right leg severed
12 17-Oct-1923 15′ boat Australia New South Wales Black Head south of Taree Fishing No injury to occupants shark bit boat