Teen bitten by shark on Galveston beach


Teen bitten by shark on Galveston beach

She wasn’t seriously hurt, but the bite mark leaves no doubt what happened

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) — It didn’t send her to an emergency room or require stitches, but a 14-year-old Houston girl has a shark story to tell and the still-visible imprint on her shoulder proves it.

Her name is Mikaela. This weekend, she and her family were at a beach home on Galveston’s west beach.

After an afternoon of tanning, Mikaela wanted to cool off. She walked into waist-deep water and kneeled down. What happened next is the stuff of nightmares.

Mikaela says she heard the prelude to the chomp. “Just like in the movies, when a shark opens its mouth,” she recalled. The sound of it exhaling before it bites.

Oddly enough, she says it felt like something hit her shoulder. There was no pain, and she says she never saw the shark.

Nevertheless, Mikaela had a feeling she had some kind of close encounter, so she made it to shore as quickly as she could, and told her mother that she thought she had been bitten by a shark.

When her mother moved her daughter’s hair from her shoulders, she saw blood. The two ran back to the beach house, where a physician friend was also spending the day.

No stiches were required. It was a superficial wound that was cleaned, and today is healing nicely. Mikaela didn’t require any emergency room visit.

It is a reminder that beneath the waves, there is marine life — some of it with teeth.


A bodyboarder bitten by a shark in South Australia

SA bodyboarder bitten by shark

A bodyboarder bitten by a shark in South Australia says his wife probably won’t let him get back in the water in a hurry.

Scott Berry escaped with a small bite to his side after being attacked by what he thinks was a bronze whaler about 80 metres off Parsons Beach, near Victor Harbor, on Monday morning.

The 39-year-old, who received seven stitches, was helped to shore by others who scared the shark away.

He told ABC radio on Tuesday that it happened very fast and he first thought it was a dolphin or a seal.

After biting Mr Berry, the shark circled him.

“I was yelling at it, letting it know I wasn’t particularly pleased with this situation,” he said.

“It wasn’t going to swallow me whole, that’s for sure, but I knew he could do some damage and he could hurt.”

Mr Berry said he was keen to get back in the water, but his wife probably wouldn’t let him return to that particular beach just yet.

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Deaware 16-year-old treated for gashes to left forearm

Boy says shark bit him at Cape Henlopen

16-year-old treated for gashes to left forearm. Opening of swimming areas will be delayed.

A 16-year-old Delmar boy said he was bitten by a shark Monday, prompting officials to delay Tuesday’s opening of swimming areas at Cape Henlopen State Park.

The boy, injured about 5 p.m., was treated for gashes to his left forearm at Beebe Healthcare in Lewes, officials said.

No information was available about the type or size of the shark, which the boy told officials released its bite and swam away after he batted it with his right arm, the state Division of Parks and Recreation said in a written statement.

Lifeguards who go on duty at 9 a.m. Tuesday and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control marine biologists will monitor the water for unusual activity before allowing swimming at the park’s main beach later in the morning.

The boy told park enforcement agents he was standing in about 5 feet of water when he felt something grab his arm.

Lifeguards treated his cuts, and the Lewes Fire Department took the boy by ambulance to the hospital, officials said.


Shark Attack At Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway Injures Woman

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A 22-year-old woman was bitten by a shark Sunday afternoon while swimming in the intracoastal waters in Fort Lauderdale, Fire Rescue report.

The woman, who has not been identified, was inner tubing with friends near Bayshore Drive, said Chantel Botting, division chief for Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue.

The female victim jumped into the water and was swimming to the tube and felt something hit her leg according to rescue officials. That’s when the female said the fin of a shark hit her in the face.

Friends and family put the victim back into the boat and noticed a large bite to her leg. The boat then went to a near by dock in the 500 block of Bayshore Drive to call for help.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue transported the female to Broward General Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery according to officials.

Her condition is not known at this time.


Shark attacks woman off Brevard coast Woman taken to hospital after ‘chunk’ taken out of leg

05/15/2014 Female – Florida

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Shark attacks woman off Brevard coast
Woman taken to hospital after ‘chunk’ taken out of legShark rips ‘chunk’ out of woman’s legA 38-year-old woman on a family trip to the beach was attacked by a shark Thursday morning off Brevard County.

Brevard Ocean Rescue officials say the attack happened near Ponce de Leon Park on Melbourne Beach.

“Typically you’ll see fish jumping out of the water, birds chasing after the fish.. it was just out of nowhere, bam,” said Rick Tatsch, the victim’s brother.

Tatsch said he was body boarding with his 38-year-old sister while her two children played in the sand with family members when she had a “chunk” taken out of her calf.

“She looked OK, she was fading in and out a little bit because when you’re losing a lot of blood like that you seem to feel a little faint at that time,” he said. “It’s kind of a shocking thing for an individual.”

The woman, who lives in Indian Harbour Beach, was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, and her brother said she was in good spirits.

“You always expect it, you always hear that you have a better chance to get struck by lightning or winning the lottery and go figure it’s the shark bite that comes first, but I was telling her, ‘maybe we can win the lotto tonight,'” said Tatsch.

There are no lifeguards in the area where the shark attack occurred and Tatsch said his family and other beachgoers brought her to shore.

It’s not known what type of shark attacked the woman.

A 2,300-pound great white shark tracked by research group Ocearch pinged off the Brevard Coast earlier in the week, but the group’s website showed the great white near South Florida on Thursday.

Named Katharine, the 14-foot shark was just six miles off the coast of Sebastian Inlet on Monday night.