Shark bites 14-year-old boy in New Smyrna Beach


NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. —A shark bite was reported Wednesday in the shark bite capital of the world.

A 14-year-old boy from Edgewater suffered minor lacerations to his right foot after a shark bit him while the teen surfed around the jetty in New Smyrna Beach.

Beach safety officers said the injuries were minor and the teen was not transported to the hospital but was going to seek treatment on his own.

Wednesday’s incident was the fifth shark bite in Volusia County in 2014. Officials said all bites reported in the same area.

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Boy bitten by shark while swimming at SC island

ISLE OF PALMS, SC – A swimmer was bitten by a shark off the Isle of Palms coast Thursday afternoon.

Dispatch confirms that a shark bit a person near 10th street about 6:30 p.m.

WCSC-TV reported a teen boy was the victim.

Chief Graham of the IOP Fire Department confirmed the boy was bitten by the shark on the arm and the leg, the Island Eye News reported.

The boy is expected to fully recover.

A 7-foot long great white shark bit a man off of Southern California’s Manhattan Beach

Great white shark bites man near Southern California beach; swimmers told to stay out of water

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – A 7-foot (2.1-meter)-long great white shark bit a man who was swimming Saturday off of Southern California’s Manhattan Beach, officials said.

Rick Flores, a Los Angeles County Fire spokesman, said the victim was bitten on the upper right side about 9:30 a.m., suffering puncture wounds described as moderate injuries.

The victim was taken to a hospital conscious and breathing on his own, Flores said.

The attack started when a person fishing off the Manhattan Beach Pier hooked the shark and spent over 30 minutes trying to reel it in, which Flores said, made the shark grow agitated.

The victim was in a group of long-distance swimmers about 300 yards (275 metres) off the beach, where Flores said the shark bit the man.

The fisherman cut the line and a surfer put the injured swimmer on his board, taking the victim ashore with the help of Los Angeles County lifeguards. Paramedics began treating the man.

The victim’s identity was not released, but Flores described him as a middle-aged man.

The shark remained in the area for the next 20 minutes and then disappeared into the murky water, Flores said.

The beaches remained open, but a mile (1.6-kilometre)-long stretch was temporarily off limits to swimmers, Flores said, as lifeguards patrolled in boats to make sure the water was clear.

A TEENAGER was taken to hospital this afternoon after he was attacked by a shark

A TEENAGER was taken to hospital this afternoon after he was attacked by a shark

15-year-old boy apparently suffered lacerations after being attacked by a shark near Middleton.

A TEENAGER was taken to hospital this afternoon after he was attacked by a shark at Middleton on the state’s south coast.

Onlookers watched on in horror as the water was evacuated shortly after 5pm when two sharks surfaced in the area.

“There were definitely two sharks out there,” one witness told

“There was a tiger shark near me. It was bigger than me and it got pretty close … I’m not sure what the other shark was.

“People on the shore yelled out ‘shark’ and no more than 50m away another shark had attacked the 15-year-old.”

The condition of the boy was unknown but witnesses said he suffered lacerations.

“There was blood all down his board,” one body boarder said.

South Coast District Hospital would not confirm if they had treated anyone for a shark bite.

The attack comes just nine days after Scott Berry, 39, escaped with just a small bite to his side after being attacked by a shark at Parsons Beach , near Waitpinga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Surfer survives shark attack in Japan

Surfer survives shark attack in Japan

A 43-year-old man has been seriously injured after being attacked by a shark while surfing off central Japan, officials say, warning local beach-goers to be alert.

Tsuyoshi Takahashi, an off-duty life guard, was rushed to hospital on Sunday afternoon after the shark sank its teeth into his left arm some 30 metres offshore, a fire department official said.

The accident occurred while Takahashi was surfing with his colleagues in the Pacific off the Atsumi peninsula in Aichi, some 250 kilometres west of Tokyo, a spot well-known for its big waves.

‘He was seriously injured and got 30 stitches to the wound, but there is no threat to his life,’ said the official on Tuesday, adding: ‘We are calling on other surfers to be on the alert against sharks.’

Japan’s long coastline is home to a variety of sharks, but attacks on people are relatively rare. The species of shark involved on Sunday was not known.

According to the local government, the weekend incident was the first shark attack in the prefecture since 1995 when a fisherman was killed by a great white.