German tourist dies days after losing arm in Hawaii shark attack


German tourist dies days after losing arm in Hawaii shark attack
CBS/AP/ August 21, 2013, 7:12 PM

A German woman who lost her arm in a Maui shark attack has died.

According to a statement from her family released by Maui Memorial Medical Center, 20-year-old Jana Lutteropp died Wednesday.

Lutteropp’s death comes one week after a shark bit off her right arm while she was snorkeling off Makena. Her arm wasn’t recovered.

The statement from her mother and sister says, “Jana fought hard to stay alive” but “lost her fight today,” reports CBS station KGMB in Hawaii.

Family statement:
Jana fought hard to stay alive. However, we are sad to say that she lost her fight today.

Jana was a very beautiful, strong, young woman who was always laughing, and we will forever remember her that way.

We appreciate all the support from the Maui community, as well as the prayers and thoughts from around the world and in Germany.

We especially want to thank the wonderful caregivers and everyone at Maui Memorial Medical Center.
A high school teacher visiting from southern California came to Lutteropp’s aid and swam her to shore. She was on life support earlier this week.

It’s unknown what type of shark bit Lutteropp. State officials investigating the attack say witnesses didn’t see the animal.

The family asks that donations in Lutteropp’s memory be made to the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation.


20 year old woman loses arm in Hawaii shark attack

A 20-year-old woman from Germany remains hospitalized in critical condition, after her right arm was severed in a shark attack at Palauea Beach, also known as White Rock in Mākena, on Wednesday afternoon, county officials confirmed.

The attack was reported at around 4:41 p.m. while the woman was snorkeling about 50 yards from shore. County officials say the conditions were choppy with limited visibility.

Hawaii shark attack location August 14 2012

Hawaii shark attack location August 14 2012

“We heard screaming from the water and it was this unbelievable scream like I’ve never heard before,” said Andree Conley-Kapoi, a resident of Upcountry, Maui who was working in the area.

“The only time anybody would scream like that is if they are being attacked by a shark,” said Conley-Kapoi who observed the commotion taking place and called 911.

According to Conley-Kapoi, she could see one person attempting to swim another person in to shore. A separate person grabbed a kayak and went out to assist as well, she said.

“The amount of time from when we heard the initial screams to them pulling her out of the water was probably about 10 minutes,” said Conley-Kapoi who described the woman as being “completely white,” when she reached shore aboard a kayak.

“I could see that she had a bite on her foot, and I could also see that she lost a limb,” said Conley-Kapoi who said it looked like the victim was missing an arm.

County officials say crews from the Maui Fire Department’s Ladder-14 from Wailea administered CPR and first aid upon arrival on scene; and medics transported the woman to the Maui Memorial Medical Center for further treatment.

Crews from Ocean Safety, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, and Fire department personnel worked to close the beaches for one mile in either direction of the incident from Mākena Beach Resort to Mana Kai Resort. The Maui Fire Department’s Air-1 helicopter and Maui Police were also seen doing air and land patrols of the shoreline area where the incident occurred.

County officials say a search will be conducted on Thursday, Aug. 15, to determine whether or not affected beaches can reopen. The area will remain closed for a minimum of 24-hours according to shark attack protocols, county officials said in a statement.

The public is asked to adhere to all warnings and beach closures.



New Jersey Teen Says He Was Bitten by Shark While Fishing on Vacation in Florida

Christian Mercurio is recovering from the nasty wounds

A New Jersey teenager is recovering after he was attacked by what he believes was a shark while he was fishing in Florida.

Christian Mercurio, a rising high school senior in Randolph, N.J., was fishing in waist-high water off the coast in Sanibel, Fla. a week ago when his legs and feet were suddenly seized underwater.

“It felt like my feet were crushed by cement,” he recalled.

He began screaming for help, and his mother, thinking he was joking around, told him to stop.

“My mom was like, ‘Don’t yell shark. You will cause a panic,'” Mercurio said.

But his mother, Lisa Mercurio, flew into action when she saw what was happening to her son. A registered nurse, she rushed to Christian’s side.

“We sat him down, elevated his legs,” said Lisa Mercurio. “Luckily, people started throwing us beach towels.”

Florida investigators think it was a six- to eight-foot-long bull shark that went after Christian, most likely mistaking him for a fish in the murky water. The teeth missed major arteries, but they pierced his leg and left a wound on his foot.

Christian thinks the shark became more aggressive as he tried to escape, “once when I was fishing, and the second time as I was trying to run in,” he said.

The Mercurios say they will go back in the water despite the ordeal, and all of them are grateful the run-in with the shark was a survivor story.

“It’s still surreal,” said Lisa Mercurio. “Definitely still shocked. He spend the week watching ‘Shark Week.’ I spent the week with nightmares.”



Al Brenneka – Shark Attack Survivors – in SRI Shark Celebrity Auction

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On this date in history: USS Indianapolis bombed

On July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by the Japanese in shark-infested waters. Of the 1,196 men on board, only 317 would survive, making it the greatest single loss of life at sea in U.S. Navy history.

As the Indianapolis returned from delivering parts and enriched uranium for the atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima it was hit by two torpedoes launched from a Japanese submarine. The torpedoes were extremely effective, and the ship sank in approximately 12 minutes.

Though some 900 men would make it out of the ship into the water, dehydration, exposure and shark attacks would reduce that number by a third. Despite the distress calls sent by the Indianapolis prior to sinking, a number of errors occurred, and the U.S. Navy only learned of the attack three-and-a-half days later when the survivors were spotted by a plane on a routine patrol flight.

Remember the International Shark Attack File and all the so-called experts say no-one was a “confirmed to be unprovoked shark attack” so all those attacked or eaten do not count in any shark attack statistics. The ISAF are idiots….

The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters. The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.

The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.
The USS Indianapolis was bombed 68 years ago today in shark-infested waters.