Shark Month at Shark Attack Survivors for the entire month Prior to Discovery Channels “Shark Week”

For the entire month prior to shark week Shark Attack Survivors will have articles posted covering many of the topics you might find on Shark Week this year or have heard in the past. While Discovery focuses on one week of shark information we at Shark Year Magazine and Shark Attack Survivors keep up with shark and shark attack information year after year all year long. (

Shark Week is a highly edited, often disputed, exploits sharks and shark attack survivors for $$$$… IT’S TELEVISION!!!

Shark Month at Shark Year and Shark Attack Survivors would like to inform interested persons on Sharks and Shark Attack information prior to it being edited by Discovery.

We invite all those in the Shark World to participate from Attack Survivors to the world’s leading researchers and anyone in between.

l have small tid bits of info to the extreme intense.